Server OS Update

When I first put together this server (jaguar) December 2013, I had no idea that we would still be using it or for how much stuff we have started using it for. At first, it was just Minecraft, then Teamspeak, and soon I had added so much stuff that, although everything still worked, nothing was organized. I have learned a ton in these past 2.5 years, and now that I know how to properly maintain a server, it was time to start from scratch. There were also many projects that I could not attempt because of how old the server software was (such as this blog). To that end, I decided it was time to update the server.

For those who care, the server was on CentOS 6, and is now updated to CentOS 7. Everything is brand new, although the Minecraft worlds have been migrated over.

This was also a perfect time to rework my unorganized websites, of which this new blog is part of. Many of the old sites that were under jaguar are now under new appropriate names, such as,, and There will be much more hopefully soon, as well as a main site at

I also updated many of my services links, such as Minecraft and Teamspeak now just need to go to to connect.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions about the update, as always, feel free to contact me.

24th May, 2016
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