Server Launches this Saturday!

Hello everybody!

This Saturday, Abstraction is hosting a LAN party here at Calvin. It is focused on Minecraft; UHC, creative building, and modded. If you don't like UHC, then come for the creative building. If you don't like creative building, then come for modded. And if you don't like modded, then come for UHC and creative building!

The LAN party will be on campus in the Ulab. Even if you aren't a Calvin student, you can come and hang out with us. But even if you can't, we will be on TeamSpeak and you can play with us from anywhere.

Although the event doesn't technically start until 7pm, I will be on at the latest by 6, and we will start the games whenever we have enough people to play them.

See you there!

9th Oct, 2014
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