Oh what to do about a server

Hi everyone!

First off, for those that are actively playing on the server, I have been very busy with exams and haven't been able to get on in a long time. Tomorrow is my last day of exams, and after that I should be on more. And as for the lag and no mobs spawning, I know it's going on, and I am trying to fix it.

Now a lot of people have been pestering me to bring a modded Minecraft server back. And I agree. However, with the hardware we currently have, the amount of mods would have to be very low. We're talking a few machine mods and some pretty ones. Nothing major or world breaking.

Also, I have recently discovered a new game called StarMade. Halfblood54 and I spent almost 4 hours yesterday in this game, and we really want to get a lot of people playing it together.

Here is the catch. Like I said above, the hardware we currently have cannot run StarMade, or truly modded Minecraft, or support enough players to play PvP Minecraft. None of these things are possible unless we get new hardware. This is something I really want to do. However, being a poor college student, I don't have the money to drop on a really beast server. So yes, I am asking for help with buying a new rig. Here's the deal.

I'm only asking for a small amount. Definitely no more than $50, that's too much; people pitching in $20-40 would be great. And I'm definitely not forcing this upon anyone; this isn't a fee for playing or anything like that. This would be a donation, which would earn everyone's gratitude, and earn you a strong voice in determining the plans for the server. I am planning to put $300 in myself, so don't think I'm trying to get you guys to fund all of this for me. I want to build a beast that will run vanilla Minecraft, modded Minecraft, StarMade, and a PvP game all at the same time, without lag. And I know that I can do this, if people chip in a little bit of money. If I could get more than $300 I would be extremely happy, and I could make a machine to blow you out of the water. Anything less and I could still make a great rig.

Don't think that this has to happen. If you don't play a lot, don't feel obligated to pitch in. And if this doesn't go through, we can keep going as we have been just fine. But I know that if we can get a new server, people are going to want to play a lot more, because lag-free goes a long way to making a great playing experience. And more people playing draws even more people.

So there is that to think about. I would love for all of you to respond to me with what you are thinking as plans for the server. Some examples: "I love vanilla Minecraft, I would like to give modded a try, and StarMade looks freaking awesome. I'll pitch some in $30!" or "Vanilla sucks, I miss modded every day, who cares about StarMade, and I don't want to get a new server." That's the kind of thing I'm looking for. Please, everyone answer, even if it is just to say you don't really want to play. I need to know what people want and how many people want it. And please respond very soon, so I can get working on new stuff.

Thank you for reading this, sorry it was so long. I really want to make a place where a lot of people can have fun together.

See you online.

15th Dec, 2013
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