New Abstraction Minecraft Server

Hello all,

As you probably know, the end of the school year is the busiest, and because of this our Minecraft servers had grown quite vacant. So now that the summer has come full upon us and we have less stuff to do, it is time to start a brand new server.

Also, new this time is that we will be sharing this world with some people from Calvin College. The reason for this is that I am now the head game administrator for Calvin, and therefore I can invite all my friends to play, even if they aren't at Calvin. What does this mean? It probably won't be much different, but there may be more people online at times. Also we will be using the latest Minecraft snapshots until Minecraft 1.8 is released, because many people want the latest blocks and other features.

Still interested? Then check out this post on our subreddit that outlines the new server, and email me with your information so that I can add you to the server. It all starts this Wednesday, the 4th, and I would love for you to play with us.

Hopefully talk to you soon.

1st Jun, 2014
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