Modded server up

Hi all,

This email is slightly late, but I've been a bit lazy and I've wanted to make sure that all the mods and other stuff was finalized. So I am opening the server for all of you to join. Here is a list of all the servers:

Vanilla - Our old vanilla server that used to be on gopher. No whitelist. Minecraft 1.7.4.

Modded - The new modded server with my custom pack of mods. Minecraft 1.6.4. Modpack can be gotten from this link. Whitelist, I have added all of the previous players (that I know) to it, all others will need to talk to me for it. No griefing, killing, or destroying the Overworld or Nether.

PvP - A new server just for Minecraft games. Won't be up all the time, just when games are scheduled. Want a game or map to be played? Send me an email. Still working out when to have these games too.

StarMade - The new server that isn't up yet because people are so focused on the new modded server. Wanna get playing? Let me know and we can start it up sooner than later. Otherwise it will probably wait until the modded server starts dying down.

TeamSpeak3 - (notice a trend yet?) Read up on Teamspeak if you don't know what it is. Get it here. Just log in with a nickname and any password. It will prompt for more security, just generate it. Note this: if you don't have a dedicated microphone or you have a lot of other noise around, do NOT leave your mic open or on auto detect. I will ban you if you subject other people to and open mic or static or yelling or swearing. I'm not kidding. Teamspeak is for communicating; keep it that way.

And that's pretty much it. Please don't ask stupid questions about the modpack; it has a readme. I will ignore stupid questions. Any legit questions or crashes, just ask.

Anyway, get playing

5th Jan, 2014
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