Modded is back!

Heyo all!

School is out, which means that traditionally we start something fresh. For most of us, that is modded Minecraft. If you don't want to play, then ignore. Otherwise, we start tomorrow!

How? We are using a FTB pack, because we don't want to do all the work this time. There are not enough mods in new Minecraft versions yet, and we really want to get going now. Our next pack will be a custom one, and done much better than ever before. But this time, we are jumping right in.

So what pack and how? Get the FTB launcher here. We will be playing on the FTB Infinity Evolved Expert Skyblock pack, version 1.1.0. Do not use any other version at any time.

The server address will be, and the new Minecraft site at will have more info about the server soon. The server will be live Tuesday around 6ish.

Let me know if you have any questions.

23rd May, 2016
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