Minecraft vanilla server updates

Hello all!

First, this is not about the 1.9 snapshots. As you might know, those are very buggy still, and we won't be updating the server until we are confident we won't lose any time by corrupting anything. So what is this about?

If you haven't been on the server in a while, you might not know about the new features. The server now has custom commands to assist in whatever. There are only a few right now, but I would be happy to add commands if anyone can suggest some to me. It will tell you how long ago the last person was online, and you can ask to see the last time any specific player was online.

There is also a new website for viewing the server. Visit jaguar.rycieos.com/maps to see a current isometric map of the server. It shows the server state as of the last night's backup (at 4 am). It can also show you the last location of a player and their spawn points. Custom points of interest can be added as well, so if you have a town or trading post you want to have marked, ask me and we can add it.

Hopefully this will help a lot to view your wonderful creations and connect with other players.

7th Aug, 2015
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