Minecraft 1.9 is here, it is coming to server near you, and why you should play again


You might have heard that Minecraft 1.9 is now out, and that it adds a ton of new stuff to the game. If you hadn't heard that, now you have. And now that it is out, lot's of people will be playing again.

Changes 1.9 has added many new things. Dual wielding, gliders, shields, new arrows, tons of new lands to explore, new enchants, and tons more. Want to know more? You can read about the changes here.

Server Plans We will be updating the server Friday afternoon. This will entail updating the command blocks we have and deleting chunks that have nothing in them. This is to allow for the new structures to generate. If you think I might not know about some building that you have, let me know where it is and I will be sure not to delete it.

The End You might remember that The End was off limits until 1.9 came out. Well now that it is here everyone is allowed to go there, and it is much easier to since there are many more strongholds now! There is a ton of new area in The End, and you should check it out.

Questions? Comments? Let me know. Otherwise, I will see you online!

3rd Mar, 2016
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