Civ V game 6/4/16

Time for Civ V again! Here are the game settings, please read the info below and make sure to send me your three (3) civ choices by the time the game starts.

Players: 6-7 AI: 0-1 Game Difficulty: King Map Type: Hemispheres Map Size: Small-Standard Game Pace: Quick Game Era: Ancient World Age: 4 Byrs Temperature: Temperate Rainfall: Normal Sea Level: Normal Resources: Strategic Resources Victory Types: All Advanced Options: Dynamic Turn Timer Quick Combat Quick Movement

Helpful points:

  1. Everyone must decide on three civs before the game begins and message them to me somehow to keep it fair. The reason for three civs instead of one or two is that someone could pick the same as you (neither get it, unless one decides to pass), and often someone doesn't have the DLC for the civ that you pick.

  2. All players must own the base game and BNW at least, as this combo is considered to be the full game by the majority of players.

  3. Babylon, Korea, Mayans, and Poland will be disabled for players (you can't pick them). It is agreed by all CiV experts that these are "God tier" civs, and that they can win with almost any start and any victory condition. Choosing one of these in multiplayer is somewhat cheating.

  4. Game time is 5pm Saturday, be ready then. Game ends at 11:00pm, when people want to be done, or when someone wins. 11:00pm will be considered as a time victory (i.e. player with highest score "wins"), unless all players agree that they want to continue the game (then or at a later date) or that all players agree that one specific player "wins".

  5. We play with the restart rule. In the pursuit of fairness, if any player feels like they got a crappy start, they can call for a restart, where we redo the game with the exact same settings and civs. This must be called by turn 25. This is once per player, so if one person restarts, the next game a different person can restart again.

See you in game!

2nd Jun, 2016
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