1.7 Server!

The 1.7 pre-release was just released today, and I've quick set up everything for the server. Everything is working, and I think I'm just gonna wait for the official release to happen to make sure there isn't a horrible bug that will eat our world. But so far everything looks stellar, and Mojang plans on releasing on Friday. Yay!

The server is not up right now, but if you want to play you can play in the beta until I put it up. Don't worry, it's close now. So close. Creepy close.

Here is the list of changes in the new update: Minecraft 1.7 Update

Anyway, in the meantime just get playing.

The world has all of the new biomes within a reasonable distance. And bonus points to whoever finds the really crazy world-gen glitch first!

Oh, except for mushroom island. Don't even try to find one. You won't. Trust me.

22nd Oct, 2013
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