1.6.2 Server Announcement

The new server is up and coming fast!

Word of this leaked very quickly. (Was everyone checking my URL to see if it was up yet??) Anyways, yes the server is technically up. Check it out at gopher.rycieos.com. It's not ready for use yet though. I have it set on adventure mode to keep anything from actually happening. It is a vanilla server, and it will not be the normal survival we have been playing. I have something different in mind, and I'm hoping that everyone will enjoy it.

While its vanilla, I have made a "vanilla-ish" modpack that adds better UI and UX stuff to the game. Give it a try if you want (it's still kinda in beta...). With it you can log onto vanilla servers without a problem as it doesn't change any gameplay stuff.

I am going for a creative "build the world" thing. Now before you complain that it will be boring, please give it a try. I'm not going to set a lot of rules, but I will make some guidelines. The main goal is to make a world that looks awesome. That's it. Build by yourself, build with others, do whatever. Make something that will fit into the world and make it look awesome.

A reason I'm doing this is because I want worldgen for my mod, and rather than try to make it all myself (I'm not super skilled at art) I want you all to help. Castles, houses, treeforts, dungeons, underground dwarven cities, I want it all. Whatever you want to build, do it.

Here is a map I spent a huge amount of time making. Spawn is in the bottom center part of the map, on the bottom of the thing that kinda looks like Australia. Of course spawn can easily be moved. This map will be updated with ideas for building and of course with names of places when things start getting built.

Lastly, Hamachi is no longer needed! Ben has graciously hosted the server, and set me up with what only he can provide; fast internet and port forwards! Hamachi is still installed, so the old address will still work for those of you who had it before, but you don't have to use it.

So wait for an update of when it will be opened and we can start playing. It will be sometime this weekend (Monday inclusive).

Any other questions, email me.

I'm working on fixing people problems with the modpack. If it crashes for you, please send me the crash log.

Also, I'm not going to use another launcher, seeing as the normal launcher supports 1.6.X best.

28th Aug, 2013
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